firefox, trackers and ghostery

Gerhard Magnus magnus at
Sun Jul 14 18:00:26 UTC 2013

I've posted in the past about how slow Firefox can be when it's loading 
pages. Now I've found something that makes a noticeable difference: the 
addon "ghostery" that blocks "trackers," which their website defines as 
page elements - scripts, pixels, iframes, etc. - that are normally 
invisible to the user. What "trackers" seem to be all about is 
marketing, and apparently they've been wasting a lot of my time.

What's especially interesting to me is a list that shows the trackers 
that have been blocked for each website I visit. For example, the intro 
page for includes 10 such unwanted visitors with names like 
"Audience Science," "Dynamic Science," and "Scorecard Research." 
Fascinating stuff!

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