Trying to start kmail on a 12.04.2 install

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Fri Jul 12 18:32:40 UTC 2013

On Friday 12 July 2013 14:12:38 Nils Kassube did opine:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Friday 12 July 2013 11:26:43 Nils Kassube did opine:
> > > But could it be
> > > that your $HOME partition is mounted ro due to errors?
> > 
> > How would I check that, search dmesg right after the boot?
> > 
> > While I'm asking questions, what happened to /var/log/messages on
> > 12..04, it doesn't appear to exist.  If so, what has replaced it as
> > the default bit bucket for "messages" type stuff?
> "/var/log/messages" is gone. IIRC the developers wanted to avoid
> duplicate logs and therefore you should check "/var/log/syslog" (or
> dmesg). I'm not sure what the mount command would tell you if a
> partition gets remounted ro due to errors.
> Nils
Looking in dmesg just now, no errors, sdd1 and sdd2 mounted just fine in rw 
"mount" also shows them correctly in its output list.

Frustration with soprano is running rampant here.  I have, in the ~/Mail 
tree, about 4.3Gb of old emails.  But the ~.kde/mumble/nepomuk tree where 
soprano keeps its so called database contains 2 different *db files that 
total just a hair under 16Gb!  And nuking them so it has to rebuild them 
doesn't even dot an i in the error messages, neither does a full re-install 
of all kdepim, akanodi, nepomuk, and libsoprano stuff, the error remains 
exactly as posted.

So I have started on a claws-mail install.  But claws is mbox format 
(mailfile) only, with no ability to process an mbox directory.

How is the best way to go about merging all those maildir files back into 
an mbox format, or an 'MH' file so claws can then import it?

Thats question #1.

Question #2 Does claws-mail have a dbus port?

I ask as I have a script that watches /var/mail, and when a file has been 
closed, tell kmail over the dbus, to go check the named mile file there.  
Fetchmail, clamav, spamd, and procmail all look my incoming mail over & 
handle the spam and virii content.  Doing that in the background lets kmail 
do what it does best.  Handle the mail on this machine, sorting to folders 
and showing it to me.  The link between my mailwatcher and kmail is dbus.

Thanks Nils.

Cheers, Gene
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