12.04.2 LTS, new install, network broken

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Jul 9 14:28:03 UTC 2013

Gene Heskett wrote:
> I am assuming that when you say mbox, you mean what I also know as a
> mailfile, where all the mails are merged into a single file? 
> Identical to what one of the files in /var/spool/mail would look like
> if I shut kmail down and let the incoming mails just pile up?

Yes, mbox means all mails in a single file (IIRC it is one file per 

> Also, does anyone know if this 2Gb limit for an mbox file goes away
> for a 64 bit install?  That could also be a way out of this dilemma. 
> This 10-04.4 install is a 32 bit install.

IMHO it doesn't matter if your mail client can survive reading such a 
big file because you would have to read the entire file when you start 
the application and maybe also if you select that folder again. I 
suppose I don't have to tell you how much time it takes to read 2GB.


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