12.04.2 LTS, new install, network broken

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 23:21:28 UTC 2013

On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
> On Saturday 06 July 2013 16:53:26 Liam Proven did opine:
>> On 6 July 2013 16:04, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:

>> Do you have DHCP?
> Yes, for the lappy only, the rest of my local network is hard coded by
> hosts file addresses.

/etc/hosts and dhcp have nothing to do with each other.


I assume that you mean that the laptop uses dhcp and that the other
boxes have static addresses...

> Absolutely I am saying that, for the AMD64 desktop cd image for 12.04.2
> LTS. LiveDVD? Couldn't find that image when I went to locate the latest.
> If thats what you want folks to use, then it should show up in a google
> search that sends me to the ubuntu site servers. I surprised me that it
> wasn't since I have an nearly a year older copy in i386 flavor. But I
> figure by now, its had 3 years to mature, maybe the 64 bit might work now.
> Emphasis on the maybe at this point.
> I restarted the install 3 times from a cold boot, it never touched the
> activity leds on the router the last 2 times, I can see them from here. So
> when I decided to do it how it is supposed to be done, rather than some
> genius coder who does NOT understand networking, I first traced back from
> the /etc/resolv.conf after finding it was a softlink to ../run/resolvconf,
> and finding the resolvconf script there claimed it was generated by some
> program called puppet, a large ascii image in the top of the script, and
> which doesn't even exist on the installed system, and that the file called
> orig-resolvconf or something similar, in that directory contained totally
> bogus data, only valid if you have a straight path to a dns server at
> 10.xxx.xxx.xxx, I came to the conclusion that whoever wrote that stuff
> should forever lose his root privileges to any machine tied to the net. To
> me, the kindest description I can give that is "industrial sabotage".
> Ubuntu does not need those sorts of contributions that are patently
> designed to even screw up a former winders luser. Not now, not in the past
> nor at anytime in the foreseeable future does it need this damage done to a
> perfectly good distro, although I am going to put enough kde on it to run
> kmail. Haven't yet, but will.
>>> However, I am not totally without resources here, I can copy in a good
>>> resolv.conf and chmod +i just for S&G. Then we'll either have a clue
>>> as to how to fix it, or nuke the utility that tries to re-write a
>>> known good
>> You'll only break it further, I think.
> See above, fixed, with no thanks to the genius that thought that would be
> an improvement. At this stage, I can't hurt it. Whatever the window system
> is, I have not found where I can increase the number of workspaces (I
> normally have 10, and workspace switching was and is a single mouse click
> where in 12.04 its a click on the pager to shrink everything down to fit a
> full screen, then double click on the workspace you want so a workspace
> switch that sub 1 second on 10.04 is more like 4 or 5 seconds and lots more
> wear on the mouse. This is NOT progress by any definition), nor have I
> found a shell that will allow me to use 8 or so tabs for stuff I normally
> run, a few tail -f's and such. The shell provided is totally and
> completely without menu's to adjust even the depth of its history.
> Virtually anything I do has scrolled some fraction of the commands output
> off the end of the history, so if there was an early error, its lost
> forever.
> In short but to the point form, ubuntu has expunged 90% of the systems
> daily usability between 10.04.4 LTS and 12.04.2 LTS. Stop it. I expect
> the shell I'm used to was kde's konsole, so that, along with mc get
> installed the next time I boot to it.

Do you have a blog where you could let off steam?

If you're experience with installing 12.04 is typical, don't you think
that this list, the Ubuntu forums, and Launchpad would be buzzing
about this?

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