DO NOT install Tupi 2D Animation software

Roger arelem at
Mon Dec 30 11:17:06 UTC 2013


This is DANGEROUS software.

I use Ubuntu 12.10. I installed Tupi (2D Animation package) and without 
warning it uninstalled software. (Downloaded it from the SourceForge 
site as a .deb)

It removed:

  * gimp
  * inkscape
  * gedit
  * software centre

These are the ones I have found so far. I have no idea what other 
software it has touched - or what else it can do. I am *very* concerned.

It removed the software completely, including repositories and updates. 
It's as though my computer had never heard of these programs.

Home directory appears untouched? although I am currently copying it 
over to an external HDD.

I have not shut the computer down - too scared to.

Help would be gratefully appreciated.


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