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2013/12/29 Tom H <tomh0665 at>

> On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Johnny Rosenberg
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> >
> > So the answer to my question is that the session thing that worked so
> great
> > in earlier Ubuntu versions now is removed? That sucks so badly. Is there
> > going to be ANYTHING left in a few years? :(
> >
> > Almost all the reasons to use Ubuntu over Windows are gone soon, as it
> > seems… (except that I will never go back to Windows how bad Ubuntu ever
> gets
> > – there are other distributions).
> Is the dconf-editor setting "org > gnome > gnome-session >
> auto-save-session" what you're looking for?
> What makes you think that Ubuntu's disabling something that exists in
> other distributions?

Maybe the fact that I didn't even know that I had something called
dconf-editor installed…
And I think I added an OR there somewhere, like if they didn't remove it,
they hide it or at least made it a lot harder to find. In earlier versions
most things could be found in the menues. Now they are a lot harder to find
and some things are actually removed, like a few Nautilus features. It was,
for instance, very easy to associate a file type with a home-made script.
Now the easiest way seems to be with Nautilus actions, which isn't even
installed by default.
Never mind, I won't complain more about that in this thread. Thanks for the
dconf-editor hint. I'll try it out and see if it does what I want.

Johnny Rosenberg

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