Help: I can't get my trackpad to deactivate while i am typing (Charlie Luna)

Charlie Luna charlieluna1974 at
Wed Dec 25 19:07:04 UTC 2013

hey nikolai.

Hhmmm..that's odd. When I view my settings menu, i see a tab for device.
and in that tab, there's a drop down menu for the devices. in that menu is
my touch pad and my wireless mouse. i just have my mouse selected and not
the touchpad, with the box next to it that says enable this device. but, i
should make note that i'm using ubuntu studio 13.10 and not the base ubuntu
13.10. i haven't used the "regular" Ubuntu in quite some time. but that is

perhaps i'll put ubuntu 13.10 on my flash drive really quick and see what's
going on. someone may be able to solve your issue before i can, and if so,

On Wed, Dec 25, 2013 at 12:36 PM, <nikolaigauntiet at> wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> The option in mouse and trackpad shows it checked for disable when typing
> but it doesn't work.  Because every time I am typing and i hit the
> touchpad the cursor moves and then i am typing over sentences and creating
> errors.
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> Nikolai Gauntlet Cassanova
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