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Fri Dec 20 21:53:09 UTC 2013

On 20/12/13 10:35, Colin Law wrote:

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>> kevin at treat:~$ ri String
>> Nothing known about String
>> kevin at treat:~$
>> Same for Array, or any of a bunch of others.
> I have not come across that problem on standard Ubuntu, where ruby is
> not installed by default.  Google suggests that
> gem install rdoc rdoc-data
> rdoc-data --install
> might sort it, but I don't know.
> By the way, if you want to get seriously into ruby then use rvm (or
> possibly rbenv, but I have no experience of that myself) which will
> manage versions of gems and ruby.

I heartily agree. RVM is the way to go. You can install, as a single 
user installation, in $HOME/ &, apart from very rare instances, never 
have to use 'sudo'.

Also it'll give you the chance to use Ruby v2 which has considerable 
improvements. Ruby 1.8.7 is EOL...



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