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Mon Dec 16 15:59:47 UTC 2013

Hi -- I'm NOT an expert on Java, but you seem to be asking lots of
different questions (maybe without realizing it) so I will share a bit of
my experience.

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 10:14 AM, thufir <hawat.thufir at> wrote:

> I'm running an old system, and plan a clean-install.  In the meantime, my
> JVM is so out of date, apparently, I can't play yahoo games.

The title of your message says "Firefox blocks Java." Yes, it does, EVEN IF
you have the latest version, because everyone got sick of staying on top
the continual serious Java security exploits. Mozilla has just made it a
bit harder to shoot yourself in the foot.

Have you tried unblocking Java in Firefox?

> I have a
> slow internet connection so don't want to upgrade everything under the
> "sun" (haha, I crack me up), but did go ahead and download the latest
> Oracle tar.gz (which seems to come with some string attached?):
> jdk-7u45-linux-i586.tar.gz
> however, I mean I already have Java 7 installed according to this:
> thufir at dur:~/Downloads$
> thufir at dur:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

There are a couple of issues here -- you downloaded a non-packaged (generic
not-just-for-Ubuntu) version of Oracle Java, and you looked at your system
and found the official (packaged AND supported) version of OpenJDK, which
is NOT Oracle Java.

OpenJDK is a different Java. It MIGHT work with your games. I hope it does!
It would be much simpler to use the official supported packaged Java
already installed on your system.

Back to my ignorance, however -- I rarely run Java in a web browser anymore
because it's such a hassle sorting these things out. But you may not HAVE
to run your games in a web browser -- you can usually download the jar and
run it in a java environment without a web browser. I don't know if that's
safer, but it may be an option.

Also, it's perfectly OK to install multiple versions of Java, and it's MUCH
easier if you stick to packaged versions. There's a command called
update-alternatives that you will want to learn about if you need to
install multiple versions of Java for different purposes.

Here's a page that spells out more of the ins and outs of Java on Ubuntu.

I hope that helps!

And be careful out there. :-)
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