Partition Resizing Plan

Barry Premeaux bpremeaux at
Wed Dec 11 16:40:25 UTC 2013

I usually set / at 15 GB, Swap at 2 GB and leave the rest for /home and/or
additional OS's.  Right now, I am running ubuntu 13.04 and I am seeing the
used space on / at 82%.  I have a 500 GB usb hard drive that I use for back
up.  It has plenty of free space.  I am thinking of running a live CD and
copying my / and /home partitions to it.  I'll delete swap and /home and
resize / (sda1).  Then rebuild swap and /home in the remaining free space.
 Once I have resized, I'll copy every thing back.  Then, install
boot-repair and restore Grub.

I am looking at this plan because I'd rather not do a fresh install and
then begin adding all the programs that I currently have.  I am wondering
if there are any pitfalls or gotcha's to watch out for?

This is on my laptop that currently has a 500 GB hard drive.  While 15 GB
use to be sufficient in the past for /, that doesn't seem to be the case
any longer.  I am thinking of bumping it up to 50 GB and making that my
default / partition size on future installs.  With the huge drives coming
with new machines, space isn't really an issue any more.

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