Finding about which OS is running via shell script

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> > The standard, approved way, as I wrote right at the beginning of the
> > thread, is to use the lsb_release program. All other methods
> > suggested here are just heuristics based on a limited set of
> > distributions with no standardization. lsb_release is part of Linux
> > Standard Base which, while not getting the love I wish it had, is
> > still at least nominally adhered to by most every distribution.
> "/etc/os-release" was created by the systemd developers [1]. Even
> Ubuntu's got it and Steam uses it.

Yes. Even Ubuntu has it. NOW. If one wants to cater for older versions,
one should use lsb_release. I would even use a mix of different
options, but I would not trust /etc/os-release by itself, at least for
some cycles.

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