only 2 workspaces on 12.04

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Sat Apr 27 10:30:27 UTC 2013

On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 9:52 AM, Colin Law <clanlaw at> wrote:

> On 27 April 2013 06:10, Gary Kirkpatrick <garyartista at> wrote:
> > I did a disk clean up from 'advanced options' for linuz kernel 3.2.x and
> it
> > removed several old kernels and a total of 220 megs of stuff.  Now I have
> > only 2 workspaces.  In Compiz it says there are 4.  Is there a fix for
> this?
> > If I installed 3.4 would it do the trick or does it have nothing to do
> with
> > the kernel?   3.5 does not work at all- I get a blank screen and cntrl
> alt
> > f1 does not work.
> Are you running Unity 2d or 3d?  If 2d then run gconf-editor from a
> terminal, and check  /apps/metacity/general/ num_workspaces and see
> what it is set to.
> If 3d then I believe if you install MyUnity (which you can get from
> the Ubuntu Software Software Center) and run it and go to the Desktop
> tab and adjust your H Desktop and V Desktop number.  I thought this
> was just a save way of setting it up in compiz though so it may not
> make any difference.
> Note that it is not necessarily that obvious whether you are running
> 2d or 3d as if it thinks that 3d is not supported it will default to
> 2d even if you ask for 3d.  You can tell by looking at the launcher.
> If you have too many items to fit on the screen it will sort of fold
> them up on 3d or just scroll them off the edge on 2d.
> Colin

My 12.04 install is in 2d.  In gconf ed the workspace was set to 2, I
changed it to 4 and there are still just 2.  So unless a reboot is required
something else is preventing the choice of more than 2 desktops.


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