Trying to Instal Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

pete smout psmouty at
Fri Apr 26 08:53:04 UTC 2013

On 26/04/13 05:58, Nils Kassube wrote:
> Bill Dengler wrote:
>> Oh, and you don't need Windoes.
>> Ubuntu can replace that.
>> It's a complete operating system.
> Be careful with such allegations. While *Ubuntu is a complete OS coming
> with many applications, it can't REPLACE Windows. After all it doesn't
> run any random Windows application which may be vital for some people.
> Therefore it isn't too smart to recommend the removal of Windows without
> knowing exactly that it isn't needed for the individual user.
> Nils

Whilst all this is true, and I ran XP alongside *buntu for 18mths, 
having spent some time 'playing' with the open-source alternatives, I 
then found windose to be obsolete.
However that is *my* experience and it does not follow that all will 
find a similar experience...... My brother for example still uses win7 
only for 1 program (Reason 4) which although it runs through wine, does 
not function properly!

Each user will have their own requirements, and a blanket 'It can 
replace windows' is not always true.




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