can't recognize the harddisk size

compdoc compdoc at
Sun Apr 21 02:21:11 UTC 2013

> How to use a gpt-label for this disk? thanks.


You can use Gparted to set type it to gpt, but it's not really needed unless the drive is larger than 2.2TB. I don’t think that’s your actual problem. The msdos type should be fine for yours, but change it if your want.


There's nothing wrong with using a gpt partition type even on small drives, but you need a (U)EFI bios to be able to boot a gpt drive - again, not your issue but just fyi.


The key is using Gparted. Use it to set the partition type, and to create the partition and format the drive. Creating a partition is not that simple these days - you have to be concerned about partition alignment and other things.


Gparted handles all that for you. And if you have no desktop (command line only) you can still burn Gparted to a cd and boot it. Use it.



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