MATE Desktop and a little thought...

pete smout psmouty at
Wed Apr 24 20:08:40 UTC 2013

>> It could be argued that Canonical already DID shoot its own foot with this
>> Unity debacle. ;-)
>> That has been a thorn since it's introduction and what I attribute to the
>> mass exodus away from Ubuntu -- which WAS the dominant distro (even
>> trouncing on RedHat/Fedora long ago to take the crown).


I do not work for Canonical, and I have in the past been a Unity 
detractor, but I must say I made a conscious effort to 'use' Unity for a 
month. Now when I return to Gnome (2, 3, or Mate (^)) I find it slow and 
clunky in comparison to Unity.

That is not to say I no longer use Gnome, But just less often, generally 
on the TV as it is easier to navigate from the sofa! (if XBMC turns out 
ok on the TV, then it may finally die on my machines aswell)

Unity has, IMHO come on leaps and bounds since it's inception and 
perhaps needs re-visiting.

But hey it's your machine you have it your way!!



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