Ubuntu Migration Tool?

Amichai Rotman amichai at iglu.org.il
Mon Apr 22 17:39:16 UTC 2013


I am a PC technician. I have a small lab where I fix computers. I also use
Ubuntu (since version 5.06) on my private and Lab computers.

I find a lot of customers that would enjoy Ubuntu too, and I know it will
meet all their needs.

I am having a lot of trouble trying to convince them to even give it a try!
It is sooo frustrating!

They prefer to continue suffer and spend money on fixing their computer
every few months, as long as they don't have to get used to something new.

1) Any pointers / ideas on how to change that will be greatly appreciated.
2) I was thinking it would've been nice to have kind of a Migration Tool I
can run on their Windows PC tat will run checks on their Hardware, and more
importantly, on their Software and produce some kind of a nice table with
green check marks (or red X's) that denotes compatibility to Ubuntu. This
tool should give the FOSS equivalents to their installed apps. The tool
will derive it's conclusions from an online database (or the last one
updated from an online source in case the is no Internet connection at the
time). So this database should be maintained by the Ubuntu community and
will offer alternatives based on community votes (popularity).

I am not a software developer, but I am illing to contribute with
populating the DB, writing documentation and so on. Of course, this should
be a Win32 program executable, preferably a stand alone (portable) app, not
something that needs to be installed to add more clutter to a running
Windows PC...

What do'ya'all think?

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