setting up 2 subnets

Toshi Esumi ubuntu at
Thu Apr 18 03:26:57 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-04-17 at 20:01 -0700, Tom Sparks wrote:

> no
> the first router is adsl modem/wifi/router I got from the ISP
> the cat5 cable well be very long to go from the adsl/router to the
> SOHO room
> this is the revised version:
> Internet --> adsl/wifi/router --> wifi network (10.0.0.x)  -->
> Wireless AP --> wired router (10.0.1.x )

> tom
Are you use your ISP's adsl/wifi/router can be a WiFi client? Those
regularly serve as a WiFi server(or AP). In your diagram the Wireless AP
is the server of WiFi network. If that part works, you don't
need the wired router. Wireless AP's wired ethernet part can serve for subnet.


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