Ubuntu boots but Xen hypervisor doesn't

Aaron Dewell aaron.dewell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 23:00:23 UTC 2013

Hello all,

Having a problem with installing Xen on a server.  I have 13.04 successfully running already, but when I try to boot the Xen 4.2 Hypervisor, I get:

WARNING! No console will be available to OS

amongst the various grub boot messages (after "loading xen" and before "loading linux").  

This is on a Mac Mini, and I'm using grub-efi (which boots fine and is working).  I wouldn't mind removing the hybrid partition table at some point, but it's working for now and I'm less motivated due to that.  This also happened with 12.10 so I re-installed with raring (also the amd64+mac version) to see if it would work any better.

I have the expected 6 options in my grub menu (Ubuntu, advanced, Xen, advanced, macos-32, macos-64).  The default Ubuntu works fine, boots quickly, gets a DHCP address and I can SSH in.  The Xen entry never boots dom0 I believe, though hard to confirm that because the display goes black and shows nothing.

This Mini is in a rackmount chassis and is intended to be headless, so I don't actually care that the console won't work except that I can't reach dom0 over the network.  If I could SSH in and start configuring my VMs, I'd be happy.

Any suggestions appreciated!  Thank you!


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