laptop won't boot properly after install

Thufir Hawat hawat.thufir at
Wed Apr 17 21:03:19 UTC 2013

When the laptop boots, It cycles between showing a mouse on a black 
background.  It seems an infinite loop.  Sometimes there's distorted 
writing which I can't read or capture.  I just installed 12.10 (server) 
on the laptop and xubuntu on top of that.

I think that I'm running into a problem I had before on another 
computer.  I installed Linux but had to modify xorg.conf manually as 

thufir at dur:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf 
Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Configured Video Device"
	Driver		"vesa"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Configured Monitor"

Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Default Screen"
	Monitor		"Configured Monitor"
	Device		"Configured Video Device"
thufir at dur:~$

This was because it was old hardware.  As before, I started with 
installing the server version (12.10) because it fits on a CD.  Next I 
installed xubuntu-desktop lightdm and xfce and rebooted the laptop, a 
Sotec 3120x:

As happened with my desktop, however, there's some problem with 
resolution or aspect ratio, perhaps.  On the desktop, I just modified 

Should I also do this with the laptop?



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