Disappearing icons

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 06:00:33 UTC 2013

On 04/15/2013 03:19 PM, Conny Enström wrote:
> 2013-04-15 22:50, JD skrev:
>> Hi All.
>> Ubuntu 12.10 - latest updates.
>> Mate Desktop 1.6.0
>> I have arranged my 2 panels vertically
>> on right and left sides of screen.
>> On the left, I used to see the nm-applet icon displaying
>> the status of my current connection, and provided me
>> with list of available networks, and ability to edit
>> the networks I connect to .... etc.
>> It has disappeared.
>> I used to run gnome-sound-applet, and it would
>> place the icon for the volume control on the left panel.
>> It has disappeared. It will not sho no matter how many
>> times I execute gnome-sound-applet.
>> $ ps -ef | egrep 'nm-applet|gnome-sound-applet'
>> jd       14234 14099  0 Apr14 ? 00:00:13 nm-applet
>> jd       14506 14168  0 Apr14 ? 00:00:00 gnome-sound-applet
>> The launch icons on the left tab are still there. Only the icons
>> or running applets have disappeared.
>> Thanks for your help.
> You are missing the *Notification Area.*
> To add a *Notification Area* applet to a panel, hold Winkey-Alt and 
> right-click on any vacant space on the panel.
> Choose *Add to Panel*->*Utility*->*Notification Area*.
Hi Conny,
On the right side panel, where I have 12 workspaces (I really need them),
and they are displayed in a single row at the bottom of the panel.
For any given workspace, the currently running applications icons in 
that workspace,
which used to be displayed in the empty area of the right panel, 
starting near the top
of the panel, have also disappeared.
I tried to use your magical incantation above; but it does not bring 
back the icons of
the currently running apps for current workspace.

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