Disappearing icons

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 20:50:09 UTC 2013

Hi All.
Ubuntu 12.10 - latest updates.
Mate Desktop 1.6.0
I have arranged my 2 panels vertically
on right and left sides of screen.
On the left, I used to see the nm-applet icon displaying
the status of my current connection, and provided me
with list of available networks, and ability to edit
the networks I connect to .... etc.

It has disappeared.

I used to run gnome-sound-applet, and it would
place the icon for the volume control on the left panel.

It has disappeared. It will not sho no matter how many
times I execute gnome-sound-applet.
$ ps -ef | egrep 'nm-applet|gnome-sound-applet'
jd       14234 14099  0 Apr14 ? 00:00:13 nm-applet
jd       14506 14168  0 Apr14 ? 00:00:00 gnome-sound-applet

The launch icons on the left tab are still there. Only the icons
or running applets have disappeared.

Thanks for your help.

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