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On 2013-04-12 09:18 (GMT-0700) Tim Hanson composed:

> This is BS.  This morning an "update fail" message informed me that I can no
> longer rent and stream movies from Amazon.  The reason is that the service
> attempted to update Flash player, and Adobe is no longer updating its Linux
> version.  Soon others who use SWF to deliver content will no doubt require a
> version of the plug-in not available on Linux, leaving us marginalized and out
> in the cold.

> Complain all you want about Flash, it is used to offer most streaming content
> on the web.  Lack of access to Flash will severely hamper the use of Ubuntu
> commercially.

Have you not seen what Adobe had to say on the subject? Content providers are 
urged to replace Flash content with HTML5 content. Flash is a usability 
nightmare. Complain to Amazon and anyone else that isn't getting with the 
evolution. Flash must die.

If you must have Flash, use Google's Linux browser version with Flash built 
in. I keep 5-6 different browsers open full time. Only one is allowed access 
to Flash, and I don't use it for much else, or much at all.
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