<OT> petition for Open Document standards for US governement

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Thu Apr 11 05:25:42 UTC 2013

On Thursday 11 April 2013 01:20:40 Basil Chupin did opine:

> On 11/04/13 10:50, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Wednesday 10 April 2013 20:49:30 Kevin O'Gorman did opine:
> >> I just signed it.  There are now only 8 more signatures needed to
> >> reach the important 100,000 mark.  EIGHT, folks.  Get this signed if
> >> you think it's important at all.
> > 
> > I do, but go read it again.  They now have 11 signatures, with only
> > 99,989 to go.
> At this rate they should all be there by the year 2100.
> BC

Well, if we keep ratchet jawing about it Basil, maybe it will get some of 
these mugwumps to go and sign it?  So here is the link again.


Cheers, Gene
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