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Mon Apr 8 17:21:57 UTC 2013

At 12:59 PM  4/8/2013 you wrote:
> On 2013-04-08 12:31 (GMT-0400) George Reinhart composed:
>>  I clicked on the link "PC (Intel x86) desktop CD
>> <>",
>> which led to an ISO file.  My current "main" machine (a Dell OptiPlex
>> GX1 running Win2000Pro)  has no idea what to do with that file.
> Liam Proven in another response to your OP gave a URL to what you need 
> to do. It recommends you install the program from 
> to use to make the CD from the .iso you 
> downloaded. "No idea what to do with that file" sounds like you have 
> no CD writing software installed on your GX1. If the CD writer in your 
> GX1 was installed by Dell, there should have been some kind of CD 
> writing software installed originally. If you added the CD writer 
> yourself or someone else did it later, it should have come with 
> software to add to W2K for the purpose.
> CD writing software is not a standard W2K component, so would have to 
> be added separately after any reinstallation of W2K from the Windows 
> 2000 CD that used to ship with Dell Optiplex machines.
> How much RAM does your GX1 have installed? What speed is its CPU? 
> You're virtually certain not to be pleased with a standard Ubuntu 
> installation if RAM is only 256M and/or the CPU is only 800MHz or 
> less. The SDRAM in those machines is only 100MHz, so they are very 
> slow by modern standards. IIRC, my only GX1 is only 600MHz. It's very 
> sluggish, running X. You may be OK with Xubuntu or a genuinely 
> lightweight distro made for old machines with low installed RAM. How 
> slow is slow is a rather personal thing.

No, the GX1 is not the "target" machine.  That's a Dell DHP, 1024 MB 
RAM, 266Mhz processor, and plenty of empty hard disk, with no OS on it 
at all.  My wife's old XP machine has a CD burner on it, but we don't 
have anything with a DVD burner, and the DHP doesn't even have a DVD 
reader.  We're trying to get to the point where the various things 
necessary to our lives will all run on some /single/ machine, which is 
what I'm hoping to get to with Linix.  What I need optimally is some 
relatively small program that can run from a CD, access the .ISO file on 
a USB stick, and go from there.

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