Ubuntu Studio Install Gone Bad

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 5 12:49:12 UTC 2013

On 5 April 2013 13:36, Joseph <ubuntu at e-pops.org> wrote:
> I was not aware that this was a BETA, or I'd not have attempted it as I'm
> just a novice with Linux.  I will go back and redo with the 12.04.  Thanks
> so much for your wisdom and knowledge.

I have just realised that you said you have installed 13.10, which
does not exist at all.  13.04 is in Beta and 12.10 and 12.04 are
available, so I suspect it may be 12.10 that you have used.  In fact
12.10 has some issues, so probably you would be better with 12.04
anyway.  The first number (12) is the year, and the second is the
month of release, so 12.04 is April 2012.


> Joseph
> On 4/4/2013 3:49 PM, Colin Law wrote:
>> On 4 April 2013 19:17, <ubuntu at e-pops.org> wrote:
>>> I have installed Ubuntu Studio 13.10, but it's giving me virtually
>>> nothing
>>> but a background for the desktop... no links, bars, nothing... Here's
>>> what
>>> I've gotten so far.
>>> 1. I'd downloaded the OSI image.
>>> 2. Burned it to a DVD at slowest speed.
>>> 3. Installed it onto my other computer.
>>> Problems found:
>>> 1. I cannot enter my password without first hitting the "Num Lock", and
>>> then
>>> I have to use the number keypad for numbers, rather the numbers at the
>>> top
>>> of my qwerty.
>>> 2. I get the warning that "The application Compiz has closed
>>> unexpectedly.
>>> 3. Then when it goes to the desktop, there is nothing but the desktop
>>> image;
>>> no bar of menues, no links, no nothing.
>> If you are doing this to test 13.10 (which is not released yet) then I
>> suggest first running off the standard Ubuntu live image for 13.10 to
>> make sure that is ok.  If you actually want a stable system then go
>> for 12.04.
>>> I'd done this all twice, from a different download place, just in case
>>> the
>>> first one was corrupted.
>> With the standard image if you hit a key when it shows an icon for a
>> keyboard and a little man at the bottom of the screen, right at the
>> start of the boot, then you can select an option to check that DVD is
>> correctly burned.  I don't know about Studio thought.
>> Colin
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