btfrs on 13.04

Wes James comptekki at
Wed Apr 3 17:10:53 UTC 2013

I've been trying xubuntu 13.04 and started by using btrfs disk format.
This works fine until I add a disk to the system (btrfs device add /dev/sdc
/) and then do btfrs filesystem balance /.  When I reboot, the system gets
stuck.  I reboot and go in to Advanced options, then recovery mode.  The
system gets to the usb devices on the console and gets stuck there.  Any
idea what is happening here?

I am doing this on an iMac with a firewire 800 external drive.  If I leave
the disk in, it seems to get stuck about that point.  With the disk off, it
shows usb devices (mouse) and then an sdb scsi removable disk message then
is stuck there.  If I hit return, I get an initramfs prompt.  If I press
ctl-alt-del it reboots.


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