Get update type of .deb file

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Apr 3 15:11:30 UTC 2013

On 3 April 2013 15:49, Big bang theory <baglio.giuseppe at> wrote:
> Colin Law-4 wrote
>> I believe that the same deb file could be in multiple repositories.
> Are you sure about that? It seems a little bit strange to me.

See below

> Colin Law-4 wrote
>> Why do you want to find which repository it came from?
> I'm working on a project dealing with security in an Ubuntu distribution:
> saying if the running distribution is secure, updated and what kind of
> security problem is afflicted from and an important key point is the
> fetching the repository of the package. My problem is that I have a local
> packages mirror, created with debmirror and rsync, but I've lost the log
> files which the update type/repository information is stored in. So I'm
> searching a way to fetch this info so that I can recreate a consistent  DB
> of packages.

In that case the repository they came from is probably your mirror.
As I said, the same deb file can be found in multiple repositories, in
this case the mirror and the original (which may itself be another
mirror of course).  I think I misunderstood exactly what you are
asking however.  Perhaps it would be easiest just to recreate the


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