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On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 1:14 PM, rikona <rikona at> wrote:
> I agree, but the single Linux folder I am thinking of would have 50 to
> 100 links in it. If each of these folders were separately mounted as
> network drives on the Windows machine, I would have to set up 50 to
> 100 network drives on each Windows machine. At any one time, only a
> dozen or so of these would actually be used. Also, if I need to add or
> delete what would've been a single link in a single directory, this
> would require adding or deleting multiple network drives on multiple
> machines. This is, in part, what I was trying to avoid having to do.
> Thanks very much for the suggestion - I was hoping to do that in a
> simpler way with SAMBA if the links worked.
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>  rikona

A couple of things to check:

In the global section of your smb.conf, make sure you have

follow symlinks = yes

Also, if the folders your symlinks go to are outside of the share, you will
also need to set

wide links = yes

After you set that, if you still are having trouble, check the samba log
file for the Win machine that you are trying to use to connect and post
back any errors (look in /var/log/samba)

As a side note, for the people posting about NFS, to clear up a few things:

NFS is not an "add on" for Samba.  It is a completely separate network file
system originally designed for Unix (Samba is based on CIFS which was
originally designed by Microsoft for Windows networks)

Although you can technically get NFS to work on Windows, I personally have
found it to be slow, buggy and overall not reliable.  Your best bet is to
try to get Samba to work.

Check the options above and if they are already set or don't seem to fix
things, post back the output of the log files.

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