This does NOT go towards making a good impression :-(

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Apr 1 08:01:42 UTC 2013

On 1 April 2013 05:48, Basil Chupin <blchupin at> wrote:
> Seeing as how I try and help users here re their problems with Ubuntu, and
> seeing as how I did once, long mong ago and in a galaxy far far away, use
> Ubuntu for a short period, I thought that I would install a copy of 12.04
> LTS.
> So, I downloaded a copy of the 86_64 iso but the only version which I can
> find is something called 12.04.2. OK, I says to myself so it's 12.04.2.
> Pish! No worries! But then I thought that I would refresh my memory about
> the installation procedure because something at the back of my mind niggled
> me about and "alternate" version which gave one more options when installing
> - and I want to install this in a very special place and have the bootloader
> in a special place. And so I go and download 12.04.2 Alternate iso. I burn
> it to a DVD (a CD is too small) and I boot this DVD.

As others have said, 12.04.2 is just 12.04 with later updates included
to save downloading and installing them after installation.  Also as
others have said if you have a 2G USB stick and can boot off USB then
that is a better option as it runs much faster.  Instructions for
burning a stick are on

> The first thing I did after booting into 12.04.2 was to check the DVD for
> errors. Off it goes and checks itself for errors. There aren't any. And the
> message on the screen "tells" me to Continue. I press every known key to
> humanity but 12.04.2 just sits there - like someone turned into stone after
> looking at Medusa.

I have not used the alternate image, was it the case that you had to
tab round to the right field before hitting enter?

> "OK", I thinks to meself, "these things can happen so
> let's just reboot and go for the jugular - the Install bit".
> And so I reboot, press ENTER on the preselected English language, the DVD
> whirls away and gets to the next screen ------ and the bloody thing freezes
> solid again! It just sits there like a stunned mullet!

What was on the screen at this point?


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