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Wed Sep 26 04:34:56 UTC 2012

On 09/25/2012 07:51 PM, Rob Tongue wrote:

>> Well I myself have tried most of the desktops,
>> KDE.......LXDE........XFCE........Openbox.......Fluxbox......Enlightenment...and
>>  of course Gnome (my favorite!....especially the latest version!) I
>> can say that what I appreciate even MORE is the fact that NO two
>> users are the same....and that's the biggest "draw" to Linux for a
>> lot of people. My brother is JUST starting to get interested enough
>> in Linux that he's asking about installing it.....if his 2003
>> laptop will be up to the task etc. Anyone care to advise as to what
>> he should install? I personally don't think it can handle Unity and
>> Ubuntu.....what's the lightest distro out there?....
> For a new user with an older laptop... XFCE would be ideal, with LXDE
>  being a tad lighter, but I am partial to XFCE for ease of use.

You could try Snowlinux 2 "Cream", which is the 12.04 Ubuntu with the
1.2 Mate desktop (the Gnome2 desktop fork) and no Unity whatsoever. I
have it on 1ghz PIII processor 11 year old laptop, 1gb DRAM. Works very
well and is the tried-and-true desktop we all knew of Ubuntu for years.

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