Best Hardware Recommendation for Ubuntu Server 12.04

compdoc compdoc at
Mon Sep 24 23:21:28 UTC 2012

> Buying desktop hardware and installing a server OS doesn't make a 
> server-class system any more than sitting in a puddle makes you a duck.

I've been building servers using both server-class hardware, and
desktop-class hardware for years. There isn't much difference other than
cost, as both are reliable.

Granted, if you spend enough and buy complete servers or desktop systems you
might gain extra support, but that support often goes unused. 

If you choose wisely, a desktop cpu and components can be just as fast and
as powerful and as reliable as any so called 'server' that's double the

Right now, Im build and testing a qemu-kvm server that runs 3 operating
systems, (2 virtual) that will act as a firewall and spam/virus filter for a
small business. It uses an FX-4100 cpu. 

You have to spend a lot for a server to do better than an Intel or AMD
desktop system that's configured correctly. A lot. 

As to the original question...

> A friend of mine suggested replacing the CPU with an Intel Pentium G620 to
save up ion cost. Is the Core i3 an overkill?

A G620 is excellent for that task. An i3 is over-kill, but there are
versions of the i3 that use only 35w of power. I use a 35w Core i3 running
ZoneMinder to capture video from IP cams outside the house. 

It saves a lot on power and its extremely fast - unlike some old Dell you
might find on ebay. Of course, not all use too much power - it just depends
on the CPU and hard drives and video card used. 

The VM server I'm building with the Bulldozer chip draws only 65 watts total
from the wall as measured by a Kill-a-Watt device. Modern CPUs have features
designed to save power when they're idle. 

At running virtual machines, the FX-4100 is almost as fast as the Core i5 I
use in my personal desktop, but costs a $100 less. 

Anyway, I know a lot of people would rather have Intel hardware, and I'd
suggest buying a socket 1155 board since it supports many Intel CPUs that
are available on the market. 

Because of that, it can have a longer, more useful lifespan...

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