Best Hardware Recommendation for Ubuntu Server 12.04

Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at
Mon Sep 24 13:26:26 UTC 2012

Amichai Rotman wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have a small LAN with a File Server running an old version of Linux
> (which I did not install). The current server is very old and about to
> "die"....
> The server serves 4 WinXP machines and a network printer, and is used to
> share a few document folders and an application data folder.
> I want to provide an alternative to this server, with a look ahead, to
> last a few years.  I was thinking of installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 on a
> Core i3 Intel, 2Gb RAM and 2x500 Gb HDDs set up as RAID1. A friend of
> mine suggested replacing the CPU with an Intel Pentium G620 to save up
> ion cost. Is the Core i3 an overkill?
> Will appreciate your input on the best cost/productivity ratio for the
> job...

You can pick up nowadays Dell PowerEdge 2950s for about £100 on eBay at
reputable sellers (i.e. small businesses who do clearances) that are
more than adequate (for £100 you'd probably get dual-core Xeons & 4GB's
of RAM).

I've got some noisy old HP Proliant DL580/Dell Poweredge 650's down in
the basement running CentOS 6.3 32-bit that were extremely cheap &
powerful but they are noisy & use a lot of juice, the Proliant
especially. But it's running 10 VMs using OpenVZ so it pays its way.

I'd say Core i3 is certainly overkill for what you're proposing to use
it for but don't let me put you off ;-)

I've also got a couple of remote 12.04 VMs running on 2 CPUs with a gig
of RAM each & they're fast & reliable so the OS is no problem for sure.

Check eBay. It's definitely a buyer's market at the moment.

Good luck!



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