file selection dialog size/sort preferences forgotten

scar scar at
Fri Sep 21 06:42:54 UTC 2012

hi i have migrated my home directory from a 10.04 system to a new system
running 12.04 freshly installed.  an annoying thing i've noticed is that
certain file selection dialogs (open/save) are not remembering their
size and sort preferences.  for example, in both firefox and
libreoffice, whenever i go to open or save a file, the dialog box always
opens in an oversized window that is beyond the bounds of my screen.  as
such, i have to resize it everytime in order to use the dialog box and
click on the "OK" or "Cancel" buttons.  also the file listing is always
sorted by modification time, so i have to tell it to sort by name each time.

another similar thing i've noticed is that when i open certain pictures
in Image Viewer, it opens them in a window that goes beyond the bounds
of my screen, forcing me to resize the window before i can see the whole

i'm not sure if these are application-specific settings or if it's some
setting in gnome/gconf.  either way, would appreciate knowing a way to
reset these window preferences.

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