How to get a package updated in Ubuntu - Specifically Request Tracker

Mister Guru misteritguru at
Thu Sep 20 03:11:21 UTC 2012

Good Morning All,

I'm currently looking into automating the installation of Request
Tracker under Ubuntu, using Puppet. In this process, I created this
write up[1] for the basic installation of Request Tracker under 10.04.
The actual pages regarding developing the module are available

The version of Request Tracker available in the repository is 3.8
which will soon have an EOL announcement[3], so I guess it makes more
sense to get moving with the current series, which is  4.x

I looked up the project on launchpad[4] - but that didn't shed much
light on the situation. I'm assuming that there is sort of standard
practice for compiling packages into debs, I'm going to do some
research regarding that, but any hints and tips would be very much

What I'd like to do is either build my own RT 4.x package into a .deb,
or get the version in the repo updated. Ideally, I'd like to do both
for the experience. If there are any puppet hackers on the list, I'd
like your input!

Thanks for your time

Mister Guru

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