Ubuntu without pre-installed software?

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 18:23:16 UTC 2012

2012/9/17 Tom H <tomh0665 at gmail.com>:
> On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 5:14 AM, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr.
> <eoconnor25 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Not for nothing, but I cease to always be amazed when someone "complains"
>> about a certain distro not being "custom tailored" to their specific needs /
>> wants / desires.
> +1
> The whole point of a distribution's that its maintainers choose the
> packages that they include in its various declinations and the
> dependencies that they set up for packages and groups.
> One poster in this thread wanted a CD installer to pick and choose
> this or that aspect of an install. This is already possible, albeit
> not via a GUI. In Ubuntu, you can create a "less heavy" install than
> the ones that are produced by the live CDs by using the alt, server,
> or mini ISOs or by doing a netboot install and adding packages as you
> see fit. I cannot see Ubuntu choosing to publish yet another type of
> CD to cater to those who want to pick the packages to install atop a
> minimal install with a GUI given the fact that the alt ISO's being
> dropped as of 12.10.

I have never tried the netboot install, how does it work? Can I
install Ubuntu with just the most necessary stuff with it? Maybe I'll
try that one next time (a couple of months after april 2014).

Anyway, one small point of all this is that the software center is a
pretty easy place to install software. I don't really see the point in
having a good software centre AND having some things from it already
installed. Why not just let the user install whatever needed from the
software centre (and other places) directly after installing what's
needed for getting Ubuntu up and running? The software centre could be
opened automatically after completed Ubuntu install, and there could
be a category added to the software centre called something like
”Recommended software”, ”We recommend”, ”Cannonical recommends” or
whatever, which could contain LibreOffice, Rhythmbox and all that
stuff that is pre-installed today, and maybe a few more, like Gimp and

It was just a thought, not trying to start yet another ridiculous war
or something.

Of course I remove the software I don't need, I wasn't really
complaining, only suggesting or rather sharing my thoughts. One of the
thoughts was as simple as ”maybe it's easier to install what you want
than to uninstall what you don't want and then install what you want”…

Sorry for clown level English; it's not my native language.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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