Battery Charging problems in Ubuntu 12.04

Jan Litwiński jlitwinski at
Mon Sep 17 12:59:26 UTC 2012

W dniu 2012-09-17 14:36, Jatin pisze:
> Hi All
> Not sure if this is a problem with ubuntu or the hardware.
> -- When i have power plugged in the laptop and if ubuntu is not turned 
> on then the battery gets charged fine , no problems here.
> -- When the battery is getting charged and if i start ubuntu then the 
> battery stops charging and it is the battery power that gets used for 
> running ubuntu. This is not fine.
> -- Sometime i have the battery getting charged and at the same time 
> ubuntu also is running but suddenly the charging goes off and it 
> starts using the battery power. In this case i have to unplug and plug 
> in the power adaptor for nearly 50 times so that the battery starts 
> charging again.
> Appreciate your help in this regard.
> Thanks
> Jatin
maybe is something wrong with laptop power input jack

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