Homemade special personal characters on nano level to be used in passwords

Patrick Asselman iceblink at seti.nl
Sun Sep 16 15:20:45 UTC 2012

On 2012-09-16 16:43, user1 wrote:
> It was just a thought experiment.
> I meant each character its own special image built on nano level (I 
> call
> it that as I only know nano is VERY small) and then you must have 
> your
> own special keyboard only for you.
> It is only you who are using YOUR passwords.
> Then i imagine that these super computers will have a lot more work 
> to do
> to break your password.
> As far as I am informed at this time ALL passwords can be broken, and
> that is not good enough for me :-)

All passwords can be broken, indeed. But that is not due to lack of 
complexity of the passwords. The breaking of passwords is dependent on 
the weakest link, which can be password encoding, storing, decoding, or 
even human handling of the password.

What you describe already exists. My bank gave me a custom 'keyboard'. 
They send me a challenge (number), i combine that with my 'password' 
(aka pincode) on the 'keyboard', and send them the response.

Fascinating stuff, computer security. You'll need a firm mathematical 
basis to make a career of it though.

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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