How to make room for an additional distro

Avi Greenbury lists at
Thu Sep 13 23:21:46 UTC 2012

John D. Herron wrote:
> I'm running a Windows-free Intel 32-bit machine with Ubuntu 12.04 preinstalled
> on a 1 TB harddisk in a single partition which seems to span the entire HDD,
> although at this time it occupies only about 25 GB of space.
> Would like to install and dual-boot the latest Linux Mint alongside with the
> Ubuntu.
> How do I go about doing that without ruining the original Ubuntu content?
> Thanks for helping out.

When you install Mint, there should be an option in the installer to
have it install alongside current operating systems rather than
overwriting them. If you choose this option, it should do exactly that
and present you with a choice between the two of them on boot up.

This is more a question about the operation of Mint and its installer
than of Ubuntu, but the feature whereby you can install the new system
alongside the current one is rather universal, so I'd be very
surprised if it wasn't offered. If anything is unclear in it, Mint's
own mailing lists or forums would be a good place to seek
clarification :)


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