desktop b0rken: was Re: X not working on precise

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Thu Sep 13 14:06:58 UTC 2012

Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Dave Howorth wrote:
>> Another thing the upgrade has broken is the desktop. I was using lxdm
>> and lxde.
> Was this installed by installing the lubuntu-desktop package, or did
> you install the components individually?

IIRC, I just installed lxde. In any event, I don't have any lubuntu
packages installed.

>> I now see a different login screen (presumably lightdm?) that
>> doesn't appear to have any method to select desktop session type and
>> that logs me into something that says "Ubuntu Desktop". I don't know
>> what that is (though I have my suspicions) but it definitely isn't lxde :(
> It's Unity.

I thought it might be ;(   I wasn't using it and this is an upgrade not
a fresh install, so I'd rather people didn't interfere with choices I've
already made!

> If, at the login screen, you look to the right of your
> username there should be a little gear logo, click on that and you
> should get a drop-down offering you a choice of desktop environment.
> Your choice here will be preserved as a default.

Ah, OK. It's too late now because I've switched back to lxdm. That's
poor user interface design because I spent a while mousing over the
screen examining all the options on the menu bar, looking for context
menus etc. A drop-down menu should look like a drop-down menu if people
are to find it!

> If you'd like to make lxdm the default dm again, run
> dpkg-reconfigure lxdm
> and it'll ask you which to use, assuming it's still installed (which
> it should be).

Yes, I did that. It didn't change the display manager after a logout but
it has now I've rebooted. Why couldn't it just restart the display
manager when it got the chance? It shouldn't be necessary to shut down a
whole machine to change a display manager.

> give you? Either way, this is undesirable behaviour, it would be good
> to file a bug against the updater (and check whether anyone else has
> reported similar).

Good idea, thanks, I'll do that.

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