desktop b0rken: was Re: X not working on precise

Avi Greenbury lists at
Thu Sep 13 14:05:20 UTC 2012

Dave Howorth wrote:
> Liam Proven wrote:
> >> Another thing the upgrade has broken is the desktop. I was using lxdm
> >> and lxde. I now see a different login screen (presumably lightdm?) that
> >> doesn't appear to have any method to select desktop session type and
> >> that logs me into something that says "Ubuntu Desktop". I don't know
> >> what that is (though I have my suspicions) but it definitely isn't lxde :(
> >>
> >> So, grr grr grr, why has the upgrade broken my desktop! And I suppose
> >> I'll have to start googling for ways to fix that now unless some kind
> >> soul can point me in the right direction?
> > 
> > Sounds to me like you should be running Lubuntu, not Ubuntu.
> Well I was happily running Ubuntu with LXDE. Is that now not permitted
> by the thought police?

It's permitted but not supported. Part of the point of the
lubuntu-desktop package is that it puts in place all the rest of the
things that's expected to be there if you're running LXDE.
> I found an article that suggested using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm".
> I did that and chose lxdm, but now I've logged out it appears to still
> be running lightdm. I guess a reboot is worth a punt but really I would
> have expected dpkg-reconfigure to handle reconfiguring packages!

You'll need to stop lightdm and start lxdm. All you've done there is to
change the default. Switch to another TTY (<ctrl><alt><F1>) then log
in and do:

sudo stop lightdm
sudo start lxdm

then you'll be in lxdm again.


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