new video card problems

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Tue Sep 11 14:55:31 UTC 2012

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There isn't a video connector on the back of the motherboard so I assume 
that there is not a video chipset on the motherboard.

 >> When I boot, the GRUB gives this information.
 >> *************************************
 >> Ubuntu using Linux 22.6.35-generic pae
 > Shouldn't this be 2.6.35?
 >> Windows
 >> Ubuntu using Linux pae
 >> *************************************
 >> (There are other entries which are unimportant.)
 >> I assume that the numbers refer to the Linux kernel version.
 > Correct.
 >>   Windows and
 >> Linux version are OK.  I am not quite sure if the XUbuntu
 >> ( is OK because I rarely use it.  Most of my Linux computing is
 >> done with Gnome 2 and that is the version I am having problems with.
 > What version of *Ubuntu* is this?

It is version 10.04.  I am keeping it around for legacy reasons.

 >> Maybe Canonical is refusing to allow the upgrade of the video card 
 >> me to explicitly install the proper drivers or to do an upgrade?
 > I don't understand what you mean.

This really was not meant to be a question.  (It was more like thinking 
out loud.  With the Unity problems, I am starting to lose faith in 

Bill Stanley

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