Moving from 10.04 to 12.04

Perry Bhandal perry.bhandal at
Sat Sep 8 19:26:27 UTC 2012

I prefer a clean install. I keep a copy of /home from my previous install,
and copy over config files for applications that are too time consuming to

I don't know what the collective wisdom is about allocations, but I've
never set / to more than 15 gigs. I usually do

/ -> 15 gigs
swap -> ram*2
/home -> Remaining space


On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 3:05 PM, Jim Byrnes <jf_byrnes at> wrote:

> Sooner or later I will need to move to 12.04.  Before I make the move I
> need to decide a couple of things.
> First should I upgrade or do a clean install.  When I went from Karmac to
> Lucid I did an upgrade.  It seemed to work well and I have had no problems,
> but I see a lot of people advocating a clean install.  Looking at my home
> directory I see it has become a jumbled mess so doing a clean install would
> give me a chance to restore some order.
> Thinking about doing the clean install I came up with this idea.  I have a
> brand new spare HD.  I could put it in my case, unhook the old one and
> hookup the new one.  Install 12.04, get it running and install what I need.
>  Then hookup the old HD and copy home and what ever else I find I need to
> my laptop.  Hookup the new HD and copy over what I need from my laptop.
>  This way I have an untouched copy of 10.04 to use until I get 12.04 setup
> and running the way I want it.  Does that make sense?
> This time I want to try a separate /home partition. I'm trying to decide
> how much space to give / and how much to /home.  The new HD is a 1TB one, I
> will probably only format about 300GB. My current HD is 500GB and I
> formatted about 290GB and have 146GB free.
> I googled trying trying to find some guidance on how to allocate the
> available space between / and /home, but found widely varying suggestions.
>   I decided to look at what I was using on my setup now
> $ sudo du -shc /   =>  total 105G
> $ du -shc /home    =>  total 64G
> So this tells me that if I had a separate / and /home, / would be 41G.
> 41GB seems large compared to sizes I saw when I doing my search and many of
> those authors said they installed "tons of stuff".  So is the method I used
> to calculate my current / size valid?
> If it was valid I am thinking of a / of ~100GB and /home of ~200GB, does
> that seem OK?
> Thanks,  Jim
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