Must be nearing 12.10 beta time...

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Sat Sep 8 09:18:53 UTC 2012

On 09/07/2012 10:28 PM, NoOp wrote:
> 12.04 updates tonight: 69 updates have been selected. 138.2 MB will be
> downloaded.
> Woops, I see a new kernel in there:
> Installed version:
> Available version:
>   - I guess that means I get to reinstall the new nvidia 96.43.23 driver
> that I finally got working last night.
> [ nvidia-173 and nvidia-96 uninstallable on Precise]
> BTW: for those of you that are stuck with nouveau because of nvidia-96,
> you might want to install the new nvidia 96.43.23. Doubled my
> performance on 12.04 & now this desktop is 'almost' comparable to my
> 11.10 desktop (both GNOME Classic/gnome-shell).

I should look into this since my system has crashed 4 times today since 
the upgrade after not crashing at all since 12.04 was installed. :( 
Actually it has not crashed at all until today since the new mobo was 
installed in February using 11.10.
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