Questions and help requested for Ubuntu 12.04.1 Classic Gnome Desktop Settings

Liam Proven lproven at
Thu Sep 6 15:30:18 UTC 2012

On 6 September 2012 15:58, Jay Ridgley <jridgley2 at> wrote:
> Folks,
> I  am trying to set up a 12.04.1 LTS Classic Gnome desktop that functions
> the same as my 10.04.4 LTS system using the Gnome desktop (default install).

You can't, not directly. GNOME 2 is dead. GNOME 3 is the current
version and does not support the GNOME 2 desktop layout; the closes is
Fallback Mode, intended for people without 3D accelerator cards in
their computers. Fallback mode is a standby, bearing only a cosmetic
resemblance to GNOME 2; it cannot be customised as much and it is
based on Gtk3 and so cannot run Gtk2 applets from GNOME 2.

Your best bet is to switch to Xubuntu. The Xfce desktop is modern,
supported, can be configured to look like GNOME 2 and can run GNOME 2

That, or just get used to Unity. It's a very good, capable, powerful
desktop, honestly.

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