problems with 10.04 upgrade to 12.04

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Thu Sep 6 13:04:05 UTC 2012

NoOp wrote:
 > Here is what I recommend (backup & the standard 'if you break it you pay
> for it' applies):

OK here goes ...

> - reboot & login with recovery mode

I don't know what to expect here. I rebooted and selected recovery mode
in the grub menu. It gave me a text boot scroll-by with some errors and
then asked for the root password to enter maintenance mode. I gave that
and had a console session. There's no 'network' command (or indeed 'cnf'
command) and there are no menus, which is also not described at so I thought perhaps I should type
CTRL-D. So I did and got another bunch of text boot scroll by with
errors that eventually asked me to login. I logged in as root and now
have a console session and I can ping other machines so presumably the
network is active. But I still have no menu.

So this isn't the situation that either you or the wiki page describe so
I'm not going to carry on with the apt-get commands but will instead
post this and wait a while to see if you think I should carry on or try
something different.

> - enable network (can't recall the exact menu(s) as I need to reinstall
> 10.04 to detail but I'm pretty sure it's 'network') - select 'yes'
> regarding  a remount etc at the prompt.
> - select 'root' & give your newly added root password
> - Run through these commands in the exact order provided:
> a. apt-get install update-manager-core
> b. apt-get install -o APT::Immediate-Configure=false -f apt python-minimal
> c. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> d. apt-get install -- reinstall ubuntu-desktop lubuntu-desktop
> Note: the 'lubuntu-desktop' is because you installed ldxe - you can
> leave it off if you wish, but ensure that you 'install --reinstall
> ubuntu-desktop'.)
> e. apt-get -f install
> f. dpkg --configure -a
> Note: you many have to repeat these a few times to get things to work &
> settle down. If they still continue to fail, go to 'f' & then 'e'.
> f. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> Note: up arrow a few times will get you back to this command
> f. exit
> This will return you to the recovery menu & the natural instinct is to
> click 'resume'. That works, but returns you to a low graphics status at
> the desktop gm; click it if you wish, but then reboot to get back to
> actual desktop graphic settings.
> Reboot & once back on the desktop (lxde?) if the above completed without
> further errors, go back to the upgrade links & bring up the update
> manager & try the upgrade again. If that still fails to work, use
> to paste whatever ouput you can.

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