Why proxy-chains doesn't works ? Is there any full proof mathos to use local proxy on Linux ?

Navdeep Singh Sidhu navdeepsingh.sidhu95 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 19:11:23 UTC 2012

Hello friends,

I'm kinda in a trouble right now. I'm using internet behind my university's
firewall &  there is a client management software (Cyberroam's Corporate
Client )is installed on our Internet system through which we access
internet. They have blocked many sites like packages.medibuntu.com & other
many sites like social networking sites. Actually i can access all these
sites using proxifier on windows using a local proxy & open port. But on
Linux i have no luck , i have tried all the methods like firefox proxy
setting, ubuntu's network proxy setting & even proxy chains. But still no
progress. Only tor is a successful way to access all these sites but it
gives poor perfomance with our network config. in comparision with
proxifier on windows. By using local proxy i can bypass speed limits also.
By the way this proxy is https proxy on proxifier but i can't find https
setting in proxy chain. Now i want to use this local proxy on Linux. Is
there any possible way to use it ?

Navdeep Singh
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