Two things discovered after 12.04.1 LTS upgrade (one may, be a bug)

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 > Folks,
 > I am in the process of upgrading my systems to 12.04.1 LTS. Three are
 > complete one to go.
 > One of them had the xfce desktop installed one did not. The third one is a
 > server, so no desktop.
 > The one with xfce completed successfully and has xfce, Unity AND GNOME
 > Classic installed, by default. It was a plain vanilla install.
 > The other system has just Unity. This one, I discovered, has a slight
 > problem. If you are not successful entering your password at login the
 > result is a ZOMBIE task of LightDM for every unsuccessful attempt. These do
 > not get reaped until you logout after a successful login. Is this a bug?

It sounds like a bug.  I am not seeing it myself.  By unsuccessful
login is this by entering the wrong password?




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