LibreOffice with Unity buggy?

David Fletcher dave at
Mon Sep 3 10:20:37 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I've managed to do a screen grab of Libre Office screwing up the display
in the manner I was complaining about (row, column and menu headers over
written with crap) without it taking down the rest of the system.

Please take a look here:-
which is on my home server and see if it looks familiar to anybody.

This only happens on my desktop computer with the nvidia graphics card
in it, never yet seen on the netbook. What's the likelihood of this
being due to the nvidia driver that's frequently complained about?

lspci produces:-
05:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200
LE] (rev a1)

Important question:-
If I were to turn off this computer, replace the nvidia card with an ATI
card, then switch the computer back on, would it continue to operate? My
guess is that it would, but I just want a little reassurance from the


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