Two things discovered after 12.04.1 LTS upgrade (one may be a bug)

Roger arelem at
Sun Sep 2 23:14:29 UTC 2012

OT slightly.
After updating to 12.04 we, on 4 machines have continual compiz 
failures. It causes apps like Gimp Firefox and otehrs to go dull and 
crash with monotinous regularity. Not Happy Jan. 12.04 on our machines 
is awful in this regard.

> On 2 September 2012 15:20, Jay Ridgley <jridgley2 at> wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I am in the process of upgrading my systems to 12.04.1 LTS. Three are
>> complete one to go.
>> One of them had the xfce desktop installed one did not. The third one is a
>> server, so no desktop.
>> The one with xfce completed successfully and has xfce, Unity AND GNOME
>> Classic installed, by default. It was a plain vanilla install.
>> The other system has just Unity. This one, I discovered, has a slight
>> problem. If you are not successful entering your password at login the
>> result is a ZOMBIE task of LightDM for every unsuccessful attempt. These do
>> not get reaped until you logout after a successful login. Is this a bug?
> It sounds like a bug.  I am not seeing it myself.  By unsuccessful
> login is this by entering the wrong password?
> Colin

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