Odd machine behaviour

Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 01:15:30 UTC 2012

Hi, all.

By rights this should be addressed to the Debian mailing list but after
many years of being a subscriber, I could no longer tolerate the mood of
the place anymore so, if I post this in error, I apologise.

I have a AMD Athlon 2GHz box with 2 GB's of RAM running Debian Wheezy
with all the latest patches pulled in from the repos. It runs fine
(after the initial glitches with Gnome 3 which settled down about a
month ago) but it has a nasty habit of just "dying". By dying I mean,
I'll be logged into it from another machine using Byobu with tmux as the
backend & I'll get a broken pipe error message & sure enough, when I
cross the other side of the room, the screens gone blank (it's running X
Windows) & the keyboard & mouse are completely unresponsive.

I can see that the mouse still has life (it's an optical one) & with it
being on a KVM switch, the light still shows activity on the switch &
the computer tower itself has a green LED showing it's running & if I
strain, I can still hear it running.

The only thing I can find in /var/log is in debug & it does mention
hibernate right about the time it goes dark.

Does anybody know of a way to set up the machine so that the next time
it decides to do this, I can get a better log/file of error messages so
I can try to debug this.

This, by the way, happens after a week or so of the machine being up
24/7 so it's not doing it as you'd expect if it was set to hibernate.

Any help appreciated.



currently (ab)using
CentOS 5.8 & 6.3, Debian Squeeze & Wheezy, Fedora Beefy & Spherical, OS
X Snow Leopard & Ubuntu Precise & Quantal
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